Embarking on a Journey

The beginning… what a strange place to be.  For, like most beginnings, this one is in actuality so much more than just a simple beginning.  I’m boarding a ship that will put significant distance (both literally and figuratively) between my current professional life and my future.

This past Friday I left my job as a college transition coach for Boston Public School graduates, and a week from now I will head south to begin exploring life as an applied theatre practitioner.  Over the last several years of working in youth development, I have heard so many incredible stories – stories of pain, of love, of service, of triumph, and perhaps most importantly, stories of hope.  Communities need a space to share those stories – in them, they find the things that make their community unique, they find their beacons of hope, they find common ground with one another. Through this process, they discover their voices, gaining the confidence to move forward and create positive change.  Applied theatre provides many such spaces, and I am driven to discover its depths.

This is the foundation of my journey.  Over the next four months I will travel the circumference of the country, visiting an assortment of applied theatre projects (see “The Journey” page for more details”).  My goal is to observe, volunteer, participate in whatever way I am able, in order to learn what is happening in applied theatre in this country.  On the way, I hope to learn from the stories of those I encounter, to share my own story with others, and to contribute to knitting the fabric of our country a little closer together.

If you wish to receive updates about my trip along the way, please hit the “Sign me up!” subscription button on the left side of this page.  I look forward to sharing the next four months with you!


One thought on “Embarking on a Journey

  1. SO exciting Dena! I’m so happy I’ll be able to tag along in a virtual way on this next chapter in your already-amazing life. This is such a cool way of preparing for and getting the most out of your course, and it will undoubtedly shape how you bring this all into being in the community.

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