Waiting for….


Right now, it feels like I’m waiting on a million things. I’m waiting on CUNY to decide my graduate school fate. I’m waiting on several companies to determine when and in what capacity I can visit them.  I’m waiting to hear if I will have a car to drive for a good chunk of my trip.  I’m waiting for all these tornadoes to pass over me!

Yes, that’s right: we’ve been under a tornado watch since mid-afternoon, with over 100 tornadoes passing through the southeast.  First the school rehearsal was canceled, then the community rehearsal was canceled.  I have spent most of my day and all of my evening inside this big old Victorian house, mostly glued to Dan Brown’s “Lost Symbol” (don’t hate me, Anj!).  Before I could hole myself up safely inside, however, I managed to take a few pictures:

The infamous train, running straight through downtown Jonesborough.

Yes, this is what the exterior of the abandoned school that we are using for a theatre looks like....

And so, rather than spending my evening in a dark loft controlling lights (which would have been my task tonight, had rehearsal happened), I am here at home, waiting on life.

This morning, after a particularly anxious few hours in which I pondered whether to call CUNY or wait until they responded to the email I sent last night, I sat and prayed over what to do.  Almost immediately, I felt absolutely certain that what I needed to do was forget about CUNY (for the moment), put on my exercise clothes, and go for a run.  Now, for those of you who don’t know me so well, I should explain that this is a fairly odd sensation for me to be feeling.  Me? Run? I would rather do almost anything than that.

Yet today, anxious about my future, it was exactly what I needed to do.  I went down the driveway, turned right on the street, and took my first turn onto a side street.  After about 30 seconds I realized I had just made a huge mistake – I was attempting to run straight up a long, unforgivingly steep hill.  It was incredibly painful to my untrained legs, but I would not let myself stop until I had reached a crest in the hill.  I continued on, alternating between jogging and walking, and went over several more hills (though none quite as painful as that first).  I was rewarded with a series of incredible, breathtaking views of the countryside – sorry I didn’t bring my camera!

At any rate, the point is, it’s a beautiful world we live in.  It can be so easy to get caught up in daily anxieties, but it is important for us to pull ourselves out of the mix sometimes, give ourselves a little perspective, and take joy in small things.  Today was a nice reminder of that, in many ways.


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