Opening Night in Jonesborough!

Last night, the show opened here in Jonesborough, and I thought it would be fun to take some video.  Some of the first footage you will see is of the memory gallery, which holds a lot of photos and artifacts, mostly (if not entirely) relating to the stories that have been told in this show.

Unfortunately, I was moving the camera a little faster than I should have so it’s difficult to really catch everything, but I wanted to point out two things to look out for.  One of the stories told is about a man who moved into an old house here in Jonesborough and started remodeling, only to find all kinds of artifacts hidden in the walls of his house!  Two of those artifacts are shown here: some wooden dowel rods from 1836, and a really torn up hoop skirt frame from the civil war.  Can you find them in the video?


One thought on “Opening Night in Jonesborough!

  1. Dena – You’ve done it again! Moved me to tears. Just love what you’ve shown us and the spirit that animates every bit of it. God bless the creators and crew of I Am Home! We need all we can get of that kind of sweetness in this day and age. Keep it up and keep on sharing it!

    Dad (a.k.a. bamboobuster)

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