Goodbye Tennessee, Hello New Orleans!

As I prepare for my flight to New Orleans later today, it has just occurred to me that I will be making my first time zone change of the trip.  I’m not sure if this has any real significance, apart from the fact that I will be gaining an hour of my day today, but I feel that it is something to be celebrated.  A Next Step! A New Beginning!

This move also makes me nostalgic for the place I am about to leave. Tennessee has been good to me, in many ways, and I will miss it.  The community of Jonesborough welcomed me with open arms – they fed me, hugged me, loaned me bikes, gave me rides and free chiropractic adjustments, and generally made me feel at home.  Within days of being here I could walk down Main Street and recognize people.  I have also enjoyed the rolling hills of eastern Tennessee, and the general feeling of being in the country – though I can tell you I will NOT miss the sound of the donkeys heehawing in the middle of the night!

An Ode to Jonesborough:

This town,
deceptively quiet
rolling hills and countryside,
is invaded 5, 6, 7 times a day
by trains.
Hurtling hulks of metal
barreling across the land,
blowing whistles incessantly: wooooot wooooot!

The silence of my oversized bedroom
in this extra large country house
is interrupted by loud hee-haws and moos
at all hours of the day and night.

And here I am,
stranger in this noisy/quiet community,
welcomed in as part of the village.

Forest Gump’s momma may have said that
life is like a box of chocolates
but I think it can equally be said that
life is like a treasure hunt:
You never know what you’re gonna get.

Pots of gold come disguised as ordinary people –
when we enter the theatre we become alchemists,
bringing out the gold in one another
through honoring our stories.
This is no bland small town America:
Jonesborough, proud home of pioneers,
Daniel Boone, Davey Crockett,
the gateway to the Frontier.
Holding strong against the tides of change,
holding fast to the stuff they’re made of.
Proud to call this place home.

Big Old Victorian House

Cool statue thing

Ancient Ford Truck

Cows! They were kind of angry.


Front Porch


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