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Some of my more attentive readers may be wondering what I’m doing and why I haven’t posted about Austin yet… well the fact of the matter is, I’ve been too busy LIVING Austin to write about it.  I think that’s suited to the character of the city – it is a place to truly be lived in.  Over the last week and a half I have had the pleasure, with the aid of my dear friend Katie Visco, of discovering the most wonderful parts of Austin and the nicest people it has to offer.

Austin is a beautiful city, with lots of gardens, a beautiful river, and lots of nice people.  It is also unbearably hot and humid.  Despite that fact, I have managed to enjoy the best of it: swimming in Barton Springs, eating Amy’s Ice Cream, catching some good music, checking out the ubiquitous food trucks (I’ve never seen so many in one city!), perusing the food samples at the flagship Whole Foods store (it’s HUGE!), and just enjoying good company.  I have also, true to the mission of this trip, checked out a few great programs which I’ll post more about in the next few days: the Theatre Action Project, Grrl Action, and the Pro Arts Collective.

More than anything though, Austin has been a place to relax and reflect.  I’ve been thinking a lot about community building, what it takes, and what kind of environment it requires.  I have been very impressed by organizations such as the Ashe Cultural Arts Center in New Orleans and the Pro Arts Collective here in Austin that serve not only as arts organizations but also as conveners, connectors, and active voices in their communities.  They promote and foster the arts in a variety of ways as well as providing a space for the community to come together.  I’m not sure that I really have anything further to say on that at the moment, it’s just something that has been on my mind.

At any rate, I head off in the direction of LA tomorrow, and will be on the road for a few days.  Hope to post once more before I leave.


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