Adventures in Seattle!

I couldn’t resist.  I’m normally so good at being a frugalista and convincing myself that I don’t need to spend money on things, but this time the urges just wouldn’t go away, no matter how many times I pushed them aside.  I had visions of myself zipping around the green hills and open shores of the island with my hair flying out behind me… I had to do it.

This afternoon I splurged quite a bit beyond my normally minimal budget to rent a scooter, and for two blissful hours I explored Bainbridge Island, in Seattle’s Puget Sound.  I have been coveting scooters for years, roughly dating back to the time I spent in India, when I got to ride side-saddle behind my male companion, as a proper female in a sari should.  This afternoon, with a brief lesson in scooter driving and safety (apparently scooters are much more similar to bikes than I had realized), I was off.

You can thank my self-timing camera and a happy accident of location for this lovely shot.

Oh, the freedom of a scooter on a beautiful island!  I saw some areas that were quite secluded, and I never would have gotten there without the wheels.  I want one for my very own, now more than ever.

Here are a couple shots from my adventures today:




3 thoughts on “Adventures in Seattle!

  1. Dena – Thanks for letting us vicariously share an exhilarating ride around beautiful Bainbridge Island. I have friends out there but have never visited, only heard about it’s lovely qualities. Now I want to go there, and not vicariously! As you have discovered, there are times when abandoning your frugalista nature pays off in spades. Good investment!

    Love you,
    Dad (alias bamboobuster)

  2. yay! what fun! i have always wanted to rent/own a scooter and now i’m convinced. for one hot second i almost had a silver vespa because my dad was selling his, but we said no because we didn’t have the money. someday! your photos are great, and i love the header photo keeps changing. isn’t graffiti art amazing? xo

    • Angela! I can’t believe you were so close to having a Vespa! Oh man… About the header though, it’s really easy to change – though if you go back to my main page you will see it’s the same as it’s been for a while 🙂 I just insert what’s called a “feature image” and it changes the one at the top, as long as you’re on the page just for that post.

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