Updates and other prose

These last few weeks have found me much absent from the blogging world as I’ve begun to be distracted by the pressing demands of getting myself ready for grad school this fall: finding an apartment in NYC, packing up my remaining belongings in Boston and moving them to New York, final visits with friends and family, figuring out financial aid, etc.  It has also finally hit me that I am leaving behind the beautiful small, green city of Boston for the congestion and concrete of New York, and I am experiencing the early stages of grief. Don’t get me wrong – I fully agree that there are many beautiful places in New York – it’s just that they are a lot harder to find than they are in Boston, and they are mostly unfamiliar to me as yet.

It has been an exhausting time, but I have finally dealt with some of the larger demands and am currently enjoying a bit of respite at my parent’s house in the DC area.  I thought I’d share with you a few little bits of prose and poetry that I’ve written over the past few weeks.

#1: A never-finished beginning to a blog entry written on July 26th:
I am on a New York-bound train from Chicago, swiftly covering the last few hundred miles of my journey.  As I type, a landscape of river and marshland flies by my window.  The scene is lit by the weak light of a late-afternoon sun in a partly cloudy sky, and the Adirondack Mountains are visible in the distance.  It’s a view that begs to be admired, drawing the eye away from any other task at hand.  The train is going at a bizarrely slow pace, as though the conductor was trying to prolong this vision.  I’d take a picture to share with you, but I’m afraid a photograph just wouldn’t do it justice.

#2: A few pieces written on August 1st, after a week of apartment hunting in New York. This will give you a real glimpse of where my mind has been!


is a difficult thing
when your world is turning topsy-turvy.
Body surrounded by concrete
Mind surrendered to technology
Ears filled with the cacophony of urban life:
people shouting
horns honking
trains rumbling
music playing.
This is the place in which I chose to study?

A Brooklyn Haiku

In a small cafe –
pricey coffee, ugly view –
Inspiration? Come.

Meditation on the Subway

Airless subway station
Hot summer day
Phantom trains rumble above/behind/below me
How deep do the layers of concrete and iron go?

This I know:
there is beauty everywhere, if you look for it.
I’m having trouble finding it,
in this moment,
Having trouble figuring out why I’m willing to spend
oodles of money
to live in this place
this jungle of grit and dirt…

But here comes my savior,
an unlikely hero:
immigrant with guitar in hand,
strumming and singing sweet melodies
to help me find the beauty in this world.

It’s no wonder that music is sacred.


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