The Journey

This is my journey.  I will be leaving Boston at the beginning of April and heading to Jonesborough, TN to visit my friends Richard and Jules at Community Performance International.  From there I will go to New Orleans, LA –> Austin, TX –> San Jose, CA –> Santa Rosa, CA –> Portland, OR –> Seattle, WA –> Chicago, IL –> Philadelphia, PA and finally back to Boston! Stay tuned for more info on the different projects I will be visiting!


3 thoughts on “The Journey

  1. Hi Dina –

    This sounds incredible. How long do you expect your journey to take? When will you be in the Philadelphia area? No International stops on your journey? We’d be happy to host! Are you aware of the theater camp in Weekapaug during the summer? I can connect you with the woman who runs it if you’d like to find out more. I’m not sure it fits with your goals for this Journey but wanted to let you know about it nonetheless.

    Best of luck….Bette Anne and Doug

    • Bette Anne – it’s so good to hear from you! So many questions…. 1. I’m giving myself four months for this trip, aiming to be back in Boston in early August for a quick visit before moving to New York to start grad school. 2. Philly is my last stop, so it will likely be the end of July but I’m still working out the details. 3. Nope! No international stops this time around… but we’ll see about the future 🙂 4. I am not aware of the theatre camp in Weekapaug, though I’m sure it’s lovely. It probably wouldn’t fit my schedule however, and in doing a quick internet search I am pretty sure that it’s not quite what I’m looking for, being more of a traditional theatre program. Thanks for all your thoughts!

  2. Dena — let us know what you’ll be doing in New Orleans. Michael and I have a great friend, very involved in theater, in Nola.

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